How The BPO Industry Has Impacted The Telecom & Healthcare Sector?

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world especially in developing nations like India, China, Philippines, etc. Important factors such as economy of scale, cost advantage, professional services, domain expertize, etc. have all contributed towards the unprecedented growth of this sector. The outsourcing sector emerged around the mid 90s to enable business entities with their multiple services. Soon the industry expanded its presence to countries like India, Australia, Philippines, and Ireland. The BPO boom across the world can be credited to the extremely talented human resources available in the developing nations. Such a vast talent pool can be acquired at a relative lower cost and help a business deliver robust services to their customers.

Why More & More Companies Are Opting For Business Process Outsourcing Services?

In the current economic scenario, business organizations based in developing nations like the US, United Kingdom, France, Germany, etc. are heavily dependent on business process outsourcing services. The business competition is severely fierce in these countries and no company can afford to provide mediocre services to their customers from across the globe. They do not wish to miss out on the cost-saving advantages that the top BPO companies bring to the table. Therefore, no wonder that both small and big businesses can be seen engaging in a long term business relationship with the outsourcing companies. Besides this, several tax and investment benefits present in the developing nations have encouraged companies to opt for the outsourcing route without any major doubts or concerns.

Top Services Offered By BPO Firms

Customer Support Services- The main objective of customer support services is to offer seamless inbound/outbound call center services to assist customers with their queries over phone calls.

Telemarketing Services- Telemarketing is concerned with interacting with potential customers and creating awareness for a new product or service about to be launched in the market. Information regarding customer interests, preferences, and feedbacks can be obtained.

Data Entry & Data Conversion Services- Data from paper documents is entered into digital formats for improved storage and sharing. The multiple data formats can be converted into a single and uniform format to enable efficient retrieval of business data.

The Rising Role OF BPO Firms In The Telecom Sector

The telecommunications sector has helped in connecting more and more people via smart phones, landlines, internet services, etc. The cost of internet data and mobile talk-time have significantly gone down and made these services extremely affordable in the last couple of years. The telecom companies based across the world have attempted to reach out to more and more people by installing the right infrastructure in remote locations. This has ensured that their one time investment can reap long term benefits in the future.

The telecom industry touches almost all the individuals in this world and, therefore, it becomes extremely important for them to outsource the right telecom BPO services. The telecom businesses can be seen utilizing robust services like call center services, data entry services, etc. to better manage their customers as well as their back-office operations. BPO companies have played a significant role in the recent rise of the telecommunication companies.

The Impact Of BPO Companies In The Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector in the US is facing stiff competition from rival companies. Major hospitals, clinics, labs, medical insurance companies, etc. strive hard to provide the best patient care. However, the rising cost of providing affordable medical facilities has taken a toll on both medical companies and their respective patients. In this ever growing competition to provide the best patient care, no healthcare business would like to lose.

The best alternative for delivering extremely affordable medical facilities is through partnering with the right healthcare BPO companies. Such outsourcing firms have the required experience and knowledge of working with top medical industry leaders. They can definitely help a medical company in devoting their crucial time towards patient care, while they manage other services like medical billing, medical coding, healthcare data entry services, etc. Hence, the role of BPO companies in the growth of the healthcare sector cannot be denied or neglected.


Outsource E-commerce Call Center Services To Deliver Better Customer Service

The e-commerce industry has been prevalent for a couple of decades only and has hugely impacted the entire retail sector of the world by storm. Online organizations based in the US are registering highly astounding year on year growth figures and this has only been possible due to the massive investments that the companies are attracting from angel investors and other big investment companies. Rapid expansion and development of online businesses often translates to the need to provide the best customer service to existing as well as new customers. 

An online firm can find it immensely hard to juggle between the variety of e-commerce services. Hence, comes the role of a highly experienced BPO company that can offer ecommerce call center customer service to the valuable customers of an online business. Online companies need to assist their customers in a timely manner regarding their order queries and complaints. Outsourcing firms can help by providing an online business with ample time to focus on product research as well as marketing. 

The Importance Of Customer Service For An Online Business 

There are two types of business organizations in this world. Those who spent millions of dollars on strategies to improve customer service and then there are those who are reluctant to spend any money what so ever. The later ones fail to foresee the benefits of providing the right customer service to customers in the long run. They fail to assess the return on investment of providing unbeatable after sales support to existing customers. Experts believe that customer retention is relatively quite easier compared to acquiring new customers for a business. The best possible way to ensure that customers keep returning to a business is through delivering robust customer service. Happy and satisfied customers are bound to stay loyal and continue doing business with a company. It is also a proven fact that satisfied customers can help a business through ‘word of mouth’ marketing which can help an online business gain more customers.

Companies are have looked to outsource ecommerce customer service to provide solutions to customer queries and complaints in a timely and professional manner. Outsourcing has always enabled them in saving enormous amounts of money in terms of operational costs. Besides this, the BPO firms have years of experience in providing the ideal customer support to customers of various businesses. 

How E-commerce Call Centers Can Improve The Overall Online Shopping Experience?

Call centers have influenced almost every industry and sector present this world. The e-commerce industry does not seem to be much behind when it comes to providing call center services to customers from across the world. Customers who shop online can always be seen having several doubts and queries regarding a product displayed on an online website. They might look to obtain additional information in terms of product discounts, offers, warranty, date and time of delivery, etc. The availability of such valuable information can help to convert even the most doubtful visitors into paid customers. 

In order to resolve such queries and complaints, a customer might try to reach out to the respective call center team. Online businesses look to outsource e-commerce services to attend online shoppers in the most effective way possible. The call center agents of a BPO company have the required experience and skill sets required to manage irate customers with ease. They can also help in improving revenue for a business through proven sales strategies of up-selling and cross-selling. This ensures that customers have a satisfactory and delightful online shopping experience.

Importance of Back Office BPO Services

Outsourcing non-core back-office tasks has been in trend for quite some time now. Back-office operations mostly includes regular documentation and data entry work. This is crucial but at the same time, consumes great amount of time. Back-office services mainly include two crucial services- data entry services and data conversion services. Both these services ensure proper and timely management of business data and information on outsourcing.This further ensures that business leaders are able to retrieve information when required and are able to make impactful business decisions. Decision making on a timely manner further improves business productivity and provides ample chances to learn from those business decisions.

Outsourced Back Office Services

Back office outsourcing allow businesses from across the globe to save crucial time, money as well as efforts. However, before choosing an outsourcing partner, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of outsourcing. Also, you need a thorough understanding of your business requirements. Under most circumstances, outsourcing will come across as a fruitful business decision which will allow your company to focus yourattention towards business growth and development. After all, a business that gets stuck in back-office operations finds it difficult to untangle itself and compete with rival companies. Data entry services can allow a business to transform paperwork into digital documents which are much easier to store, share, and retrieve.

Outsource Data Entry Services to Give Your Business Impeccable Advantages

  • High Consistency In Data Quality

Data entry done by the right professionals can ensure that when the relevant business data is entered and converted into desired formats, there is no inconsistency in data quality. Inconsistency or error in any form can significantly reduce the value and quality of available data. This can hamper the decision making abilities of any business leader. Consistent data, on the other hand, can lead to completion of business projects in a timely and efficient manner. This would in turn result i improved relationships with business partners and customers.

  • Data Confidentiality Is A Priority

Business data is always of utmost value and no organization can afford to lose it to wrong hands. Companies based in the US look to outsource data entry services to BPO firms which are highly reliable and trustworthy. Data security and data confidentiality is always on their top priority and they strive to ensure that there is no form of data discrepancy what so ever. This helps in forming a long-term and trustworthy business partnership between the two parties.

  • Improved Business Efficiency & Cash Flow

Business experts have always believed that proper data management always leads to business productivity and improved efficiency in business operations. When business operations can be carried in faster manner, a company can possibly look to expand and reach out to more prospective customers. This would in turn mean more business opportunities leading to improved revenue and cash flow. Therefore, a small step of outsourcing data entry can lead to significant improvements for an organization.

  • Better Customer Satisfaction Rates

On real-time error-free data retrieval by a business, the time taken to serve customers reduces drastically. Customers receive their product or service on time and which satisfies them with their purchase and interaction with the business. Improved satisfaction rates among customers have shown to improve their chances of staying loyal to a business.

  • Experienced Professionals Who Have Got Your Back

The data entry experts of an outsourcing company have the required experience needed to convert paper documents into digital formats. They can enter and manage multiple documents containing crucial business information. The data entry professionals undergo intensive training sessions to improve their work speed and knowledge. In addition to this, a business need not worry about managing their salary, training, and other benefits. The BPO firm takes care of them. This eases a lot of pressure and workload of any company and allows them to work hard and reach full potential.

How Telemarketing & Telesales Outsourcing can Speed up the Cash Flow in your Company?

Telemarketing outsourcing has been a major player in the success stories of many businesses across the globe. It has allowed them to enhance their financial integrity alongside boosting their ROI to make their business much more profitable by the day. The companies that outsource these operations witness a substantial growth in their company as these operations can easily provide them with multiple perks.

Telesales Outsourcing has also been the pick of the services that have been performing greatly for multiple businesses since they have been outsourced. These operations have played a major role in speeding up the cash flow within the company to make sure that the company grows on a positive gradient continuously.

Evolution of Telemarketing Outsourcing

Telemarketing Services started off as a service that was meant to be an inbound one. It was majorly focused on telling the people about the products and services of a company who called the company for some information regarding the services. Later, these services started to spread its wings and become a majorly outbound process where companies reached out to the potential customers and told them about the services and products of the company. With time, these services evolved and became one of the most sophisticated services which required a great amount of expertise to achieve perfection. This is where companies started to outsource these services and the trend for outsourcing telemarketing services kicked off.

Evolution of Telesales Outsourcing

Telesales Services started off as an inbound service that was aimed at selling products to the people who approached the company in order to buy certain products. This process evolved for years to become a majorly outbound process. The process involved calling prospect customers and making sales based on the leads. This allows the companies to make full use of their customer base and sell their products to the maximum.

Advantages of Telemarketing Outsourcing

Telemarketing Outsourcing provides multiple advantages to the companies. This usually allows them to increase awareness and generate leads. Some of the major advantages of telemarketing outsourcing services are mentioned below

Increase Awareness

Telemarketing Outsourcing helps to increase the awareness of the target audience for the products and services of the company which helps them in performing well within the market.

Improve product Performance

Improving the performance of a product in the market is probably one of the most alluring advantages that Telemarketing Outsourcing has on offer. With great efficiency and productivity, it can help a product achieve better reputation in the market.

Speed Up lead generation

Lead generation helps the sales process achieve its maximum potential and in order to perform sales with dexterity, leads must be generated in an efficient and authentic manner. Telemarketing will ensure better lead generation in quick time.

Increase Customer Base

Customer base is invaluable to any company. Companies continuously look to expand their customer base. Telemarketing Outsourcing can help in widening the customer base of any company and enhance the potential of their products and services.

Avail best in class infrastructure and technology with great workforce

Infrastructure and technology has been an important part of the performance of most of the operations within the organizations. The infrastructure and technology helps in great performance. Infrastructure and technology with the outsourcing companies is what helps them deliver great results in quick time. The cost of infrastructure and technology is too high for most of the companies to afford. The outsourcing companies have the specialized infrastructure available with them and do not charge for them but only for the results.

Optimize Operations for cost and efficiency

Cost and efficiency have been one of the most important part of the success stories we hear in the industry. Optimizing processes for cost and efficiency is the primary goal of any company and this is what telemarketing outsourcing helps the companies in.

Advantages of Telesales Outsourcing

Telesales Outsourcing provides multiple advantages to the companies and helps the grow an a financial scale. Mentioned Below are some of the most alluring advantages of telesales outsourcing:

Enhance Financial Integrity

Financial integrity is something that most of the businesses thrive on. Telesales Outsourcing helps the businesses to directly enhance their financial integrity and make sure that they grow financially to reach the top of the industry.

Capitalize on leads

Telesales Outsourcing helps the businesses to fully capitalize on the potential of the leads that they have generated. It helps the business to make sure that most of their leads convert into sales and boost the revenue of the organization.

Harness the power of the customer Base

Customer base of any company is the most powerful asset that they have. You can have the best possible product or services but without a customer base to serve, you are bound to fail. Telesales Outsourcing helps the businesses to completely utilize their customer base and maximize their revenue.

Up sell and Cross Sell Products

Up selling and cross selling is a relatively new skill and methodology that has been able to make sure that each and every products and services maximize the revenue that they generate. This has been one of the most interesting processes which have been specialized by the outsourcing companies. In order to avail these services, Telesales operations must be outsourced.

Better Infrastructure and Technology with great workforce

Infrastructure and technology has been an important part of the performance of most of the operations within the organizations. The infrastructure and technology helps in great performance. Infrastructure and technology with the outsourcing companies is what helps them deliver great results in quick time. The cost of infrastructure and technology is too high for most of the companies to afford. The outsourcing companies have the specialized infrastructure available with them and do not charge for them but only for the results.

Improve Return on Investment

Return on investment is one of the most important things that companies look for when they perform any operations. Telesales operations help you maximize return on investment by helping you make the most of your products and services.

Chat support services help an organization in being more productive

Chat is one of the newest forms of communication that has risen to popularity with the emergence of web technologies. Since the emergence of chatting, people have developed a sense of liking towards this mode of communication and some are more adept to chatting than having an actual conversation over the phone. Today, most of the people are more comfortable in chatting rather than having a conversation over the phone. Keeping this fact in mind, companies have developed a much more efficient mode of support that provides the ability to the customers to seek support through chatting. This mode of support is known as Chat support services. Chat support services is one of the widely used mode of customer supports that companies tend to use.

Some of the most successful companies in the industry provide chat support services to their customers. Mostly, the companies that want to provide each and every possible facility to the customer and want to ensure that they retain their customers at every cost tend to choose chat support services as an option to provide to their customers.

Better Management of Calls taken

Management of calls taken is one of the most important perks that Live Chat BPO Services offer. This is what makes the process all the more feasible for the companies to implement. Management of calls taken by the agents better prepares them to handle their calls and provide much better experience to the customers. Meanwhile simple queries or complaints can easily be handled through chat increasing the efficiency as well as productivity of the support team.

Better Channelization of Calls for the agents

Companies always try to make sure that they take maximum number of calls without putting too much pressure on their workforce. Chat support services can be used to handle the customers that are more comfortable with their issues being resolved through chat. Chat support provides a great perk of enabling the chat support agents to handle more than one customer at the same time. This means that a large volume of queries can be efficiently handled through chat support. However, in case of queries that could not be resolved through chat support or that need a voice agent, queries can be solved by the calling agents. This minimizes the workload of the calling agents and perfectly balances the workload of entire customer services operations.

Ability to handle more than one queries at a time

Chat support unlike call support can allow an agent to effectively solve more than one queries from more than one people at a particular time. This ability provides the chat support agents and the call centre with the ability to answer huge volumes of queries without fail. This is why it has been appreciated and used by most of the businesses in the industry in today’s age.

Ability to ensure better customer satisfaction

Some customers prefer one on one conversation through calling while some customers prefer to get their queries solved on chat. Facilitating these customers by providing them with the chat support can increase your customer retention as the customer satisfaction too rises. Serving the needs of the customers is the only way through which a company can be successful. Therefore you must always make sure that you provide the best possible support to the customers.

Live Chat BPO Services can deliver best results

Live chat BPO services are one of the smartest ways to deliver top notch chat support services without dividing your attention from the core services. You can avail best in class infrastructure, technology and personnel with the help of live chat bpo services.

Top Outsourcing Trends that will Impact Healthcare Businesses in 2019

Healthcare companies in the USA have witnessed both ups and downs in their respective tenures. While some medical businesses have emerged as dominant players in the market, others are facing neck to neck competition from one another.
The healthcare Industry in the US is constantly facing several challenges of rising aging populations, chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc. and increasing cases of mental disorders. To tackle this and other challenges, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. The main objective of the act was to make medical services affordable and provide medical cover to more and more citizens. However, this is not the ground reality as there is a huge surge in healthcare prices. America might be considered a global leader in most scenarios, however, when it comes to providing affordable and adequate healthcare services, it has failed miserably. The high fees and limited availability of skilled doctors have made the situation even worse.

How Outsourcing can Lead Your Business towards Profitability?

One sure shot way to make medical services affordable again is through outsourcing most of the healthcare services to BPO companies based in developing nations. All healthcare entrepreneurs believe that outsourcing is a cost-effective strategy which can make any business save huge amounts of money on operational costs. Outsourcing enables a business to get access to a skilled workforce who are qualified to take on projects of any size and complexity. A business can then easily focus on improving overall patient care and diagnostics to provide world-class medical treatment.

Now we shall discuss the top medical services which are popularly being outsourced in current times.

Healthcare Data Entry
Almost all hospitals, clinics, and medical labs produce enormous amounts of data in paper format. These data consist of crucial information like patient biometrics, tests undertaken, prescriptions, appointment details, etc. Any loss in data can hamper the experience of a patient and also the reputation of a medical business. Also, paper documents take enormous space for storage and can be easily lost or destroyed during transit from one medical division to the other. Outsourcing healthcare data entry services can help in converting paper documents into digital formats which are much safer and easier to store. Medical documents are almost being produced every minute and managing a big team for data entry comes as a big challenge. A BPO company has a skilled back office team who can manage and enter data briskly within the given time frame. So now your business no longer needs to suffer because of hefty patient documents.

Medical Records Indexing

Medical records indexing is an important function which involves organizing and categorizing medical information such that it can be easily retrieved in the future.
Indexing medical records help a company to store crucial information like patients demographic details, ailments, medical insurance details, etc. Through the help of this procedure doctors and physicians can easily access a patients medical history to provide better and necessary treatment. While outsourcing, a medical company is required to send scanned copies of documents, which are then reviewed and segregated by experts and stored accordingly. Outsourcing medical records indexing services help a business in organizing and storing crucial medical data with a great level of accuracy. As improper storage will make data retrieval an almost impossible task. Scanning, digitizing and Indexing happens to be the sure way to conveniently manage medical records and ensures smooth operations for any medical company.

Healthcare Call Center

Call centers form an integral part of any healthcare organization. Patients or their families might wish to contact the customer support team to gain vital insights about pricing, appointments, availability of a service, operating timings, etc. Customers might also wish to share valuable feedbacks or complaints regarding a particular medical service. Every medical business needs to address all such queries and complaints in real time to improve customer experience. Emergency departments in hospitals and clinics need to operate on a 24/7 basis, which means that there call center team must be available round the clock as well. An outsourcing company makes this possible as it offers uninterrupted services. They have a team of trained agents who can handle customers with ease over calls and provide necessary solutions. They realize that medical information can be sensitive in nature and hence successfully maintain a non-judgemental attitude towards the patients. The team of call center agents is also highly scalable depending upon the growing requirements of a business. Hence, all these points convince a business to chose healthcare call center outsourcing services.

Medical Billing Payment Posting

When it comes to the medical billing process most companies only focus on coding and documentation and only give last thought to the process of payment posting.
Payment posting is the final step of medical billing in which the payment amount is posted or entered into the account of the patient. Medical payment posting is indeed a critical part of the medical billing cycle and a small error can lead to unavoidable problems for both the business and the customer. For example, if the amount of a surgical procedure which cost $50 is posted as $500 into the patient account. Then it can lead to major complications which can result in inaccurate revenue records for the company. A BPO company has a skilled work-force to facilitate accurate medical billing payment posting services. They have years of experience in providing error-free payment posting solutions.

Winning the E-commerce Battle: E-commerce Call Center Services.

Globally, it has been a trend for most businesses to have an e-commerce portal of their own. These modern business firms founded by young and passionate entrepreneurs have ventured into almost every category of products and services possible – electronics, fashion, grocery, furniture, home appliances, beauty products, health and fitness products etc. Customer service for all these products needs in-depth understanding of the product and the category it falls under.

In the ever-growing e-commerce industry, providing the appropriate customer service can make or break any brand. For improving customer retention rate, enabling positive customer experience is a must. A single unhappy customer can significantly affect a company’s reputation and lower its brand image. This can further lead to low sales figure for the e-commerce firm. According to the latest research, about 86% customers stop purchasing from a company due to bad customer service experiences. Hence it is of great importance that the first point of contact of service is generous, understanding and professional. All these qualities can help an e-commerce company to get an edge over other rival companies and win customers in this everlasting race.

Top 5 Benefits of e-commerce call center services

Call center services have the power to improve customer satisfaction and customer retention rates. This is perhaps no rocket science that any e-commerce company that provides exceptional call center services will surely overhaul other e-commerce companies which fail to do so.E-commerce call center services can be outsourced to BPO companies in the developing nations like India in order to reduce costs and improve focus on product research and production.

Ecommerce Call Center Services

1) 24/7 customer assistance:

No one can possibly predict when an online shopper might attempt to contact any business. Providing call center services 24/7 can surely help prevent this dilemma. Even during non business hours  , every customer deserves to be handled by a courteous operator every time, who has the required knowledge and is ready and waiting to respond to queries. Every business these days is looking to dominate the global market and the sure shot way to achieving that is by providing call center services 24/7 such that international clients are also taken care of and do not feel secluded.

2) Order taking and processing :

Many a times a customer might find it difficult to place an order due to lack of knowledge, literacy, language barriers etc. Complicated user interface of an e-commerce website might also add to his or her problems. In such cases the customer is bound to contact the call center team for placing of an order. Agents are trained to  assist with billing concerns,enable product returns, and track shipments to help the customer. A sale is not a sale unless the order is completely processed and the payment for which is made.

3) Handle customer complaints and queries :

Every business always has to deal with irate customers and displeased buyers who are ready to shout this out to the world. The products or services might be the best in class. However, people will still find smaller things to complain about. Customer complaints need to be handled with proper care and understanding otherwise it may make the customer even more agitated.

Customer may have many queries related to the specifications of a product, its uses, discounts, delivery date, tracking shipments etc. Call center service can help solve such customer queries by assisting the customers and furnishing them with the required information.

4) Upsell and cross-sell:

Upselling is a popular sales technique used to  encourage customers to purchase a higher priced product than the one they are looking to purchase. Cross-selling on the other hand encourages  customers to buy related or complementary products. Both these sales strategies can be put to effect when the customer makes contact with the call center team. They help to boost sales for a business by providing additional sales opportunities.

5) Win customer trust:

Before customers make a purchase from an e-commerce store, they need to be able to trust the business. The customer needs to be sure  that the product claims are accurate and that what is being sold matches with their expectations. Customers also need to trust that if anything goes wrong with the transaction or product, they shall be surely supported. Having a dedicated call center for an e-commerce business helps the customer to gain that much-needed trust as they are aware that they can seek solution over a call at any point of time.